At heart I am a writer / director...

Because we are filmmakers who use images and sound to communicate story,

it would be remiss if we didn’t include some moving images on the site.

Filmmaking is a collaborative activity. One of the special things about filmmaking is getting a whole range of different artists from different arenas of creative endeavor to work together towards producing a single artistic vision.

Short films are for me the director’s sketchbook. A place to test and try collaborations, technical ideas, sounds and vision, partnerships and nitty gritty of things like color vs black & white, aspect ratios, and formats.

BUT mostly, it is a place to think and try out ideas around story

and working with actors.

See below for a selection of trailers from films that are out there now playing festivals and winning awards across the globe.

20 Ways

Okay, I love comedy. It is hard to make. Even harder to write but I love comedy, especially dark comedy.

20 ways is a satire on crossing borders that appears to be set in war time germany, but has a modern twist. It has a point laced with humor.

Edited by Adam Kirk, who is an editor I have worked with for a number of years. Adam and I share a language to storytelling.

Music by the legendary Gerald Fried (Kubrick’s composer on his first five films) who came out of retirement to knock this score out of the park.

The story is proving amazingly popular right now and has won festival awards for best comedy short  in London, Niagra, Phoenix as well as an honorable mention in the Florance Film Awards. 


The story of Wilfred deals with life in the trenches in World War One as experienced by artists, centered around the death of the poet Wilfred Owen.Heading the cast was Michael Higgs as Owen along with the voices of Tony Harrison, Sir Derek Jacobi, Robert Duncan & Edward Fox.

The trailer was edited by Adam Kirk and the film features a full score by composer Dave Bainbridge. The film combines a mix of color with black & white and also mixes animation with live-action.

Winner of several international awards including the Beverley Hills Art House festival with honourable mentions from Hollywood Gold Awards, New York Movie awards & Paris Film Awards.


Cinema of Horror 2

Did I say, I like comedy? Again, a great score, this time by Jiang Li. An homage to inspirational cinema from filmmakers out of Asian countries.

COH2 is a story of cinema for those who are inspired to watch, make, learn and be part of the story of film.

The imaginative mixing of story genre and fantasy

A tale of story, characters, imagination, and dreams.