Comic Book

I wrote production scripts in Television. I also wrote most of the short films I have directed. And sometimes, I have worked with other writers to guide their story onto the page.

I have always had a strong interest in the animation form stemming from a love of comic books/graphic novels.

The gig for C4’s short stop-motion animation

“The Astronomer’s Sun” involved mentoring the writers and helping shape the story.

The final animation was produced from drawn animatic boards.

In the UK I produced the photo illustrated comic book Bittersweet, collaborating with a North Yorkshire School to explore the local connection between slavery and its abolition.

For the feature film idea for the story of the Yorkshire Coiners, I wrote the story first as a photo-graphic novel called The Last Coiner.

Seeing written ideas first in a drawn form is something I use a lot, as illustrated here by storyboard drawings created to try to see the story before writing the story. In this case Strange Broken Sleep.