Bear Song

"Watership Down" meets "Night at the Museum"

Bear Song is an animated environmental fantasy drama for our time.

The story was inspired by the death of a Bear and her unborn cub gunned down in Flagstaff, AZ in 2021.

An American Brown Bear robbed of her life and mounted for museum display takes Lady Time on a journey through the song of bears in the hopes of reconnecting humanity with the natural world.

Our story’s main theme is humanity’s disconnect from nature.


LUCY is a long forgotten American Brown Bear tucked away on display in a museum in Britain. She is a real animal that had been mounted after death, treated to preserve her, and posed to appear rageful and lifelike. That is until LADY TIME intervenes to bring Lucy back to life in imagination.

In return, Lucy takes Lady Time on an odyssey to experience how bears view the world of people. Lucy and Lady T’s trek mirrors a struggle that is happening within Lucy’s Museum. Where MS. SMART, a museum director who hates museums, is challenged by the staff to recognize their collection’s role as a doorway into a conversation.