Mother Road

A stage play by Peter M. Kershaw
Mother Road is a One Act, five scenes, play, approximately one-hour long.

Mother Road is a new type of play. It owes its origins to the humor of British end-of-the-pier plays; comedy aimed at tourists. Sometimes a kind of summer version of the winter pantomime. This play was developed specifically with a visitor audience in mind and in this case, the 100th Anniversary of the legendary Highway, Route 66 in 2026.

The play is intended to entertain visitors but also to explore the rich heritage of Route 66. In the Anniversary year those seeking to visit the legendary Highway will either be informed, aware, or wanting to know more about the Route and AZ’s unique role in its story.

Actor RUTH’s car breaks down just 12 miles from Flagstaff on her way to an audition. At first, she believes she has run over MOTHER, a spritely mischievous older woman, who is in fact the spirit of Route 66, MOTHER ROAD to give her full name. BRYAN, a Native American mechanic arrives to assist.




During their conversation Bryan helps Ruth to start to believe in herself while she in return prompts Bryan to be open to risk. The two characters’ destiny is always guided by the impish Mother.

The play ends with a play within a play.

Ruth is an actor and Mother Road is very much about the profession of acting and the world of theatre she has experienced.

The world of actors forms a backbone to the story.